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The Dr.NONA international from Israel

    The founders of the DrNONA company and product developers: Dr. Nona Kuhina and Michael Schneerson. They created in 1990 Clinic alternative medicine Lenom.

In laboratories of the Lenom clinic In 1994, product DrNONA was developed. Dr. Nona products contain a unique bio-organic-mineral complex from the Dead Sea. Due to this connection - all products of Dr. Nona has established itself as a very effective means to restore the work of the body.

Dr. Nona international company was established in September 1994,
and the whole series of products has received the name of creator Nonna Kuhina: "Dr. Nona".


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  Products Doctor NONA known worldwide unique features, including:
- Affects the skin on the entire body,
- Stimulates the immune system,
- Normalizes metabolism

Shelf life of DrNONA cosmetics under normal (not in direct sun) room conditions 3 years.

Do not apply to the production of animal experiments. Products DrNONA other than certificates of conformity, hygienic certificates are certified kosher by the Rabbinate of Israel, and this is indicative of a very high quality and safety for the body.

   Dr.Nona has conducted clinical trials in well-known clinics Obninsk Radiology Center (Russia), Institute of Pediatric Hematology (Russia), the hospital Hadassah (Israel), which confirmed the effectiveness of  products "Dr.NONA"

 Wellness products from the Dead Sea with the logo "Dr.NONA" - is primarily a means of prevention, health and youth, and of course the natural medicine chest

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